Too many data recovery, file recovery, and various other recovery softwares exist for Mac, Windows, and other types of computers. This apps, though beneficial, is dangerous. Buy the wrong one and a person is stuck dealing with slow scan speeds and hardwire issues. Some software solutions can’t find all the lost files, and then more money has to be shucked out. There needs to be a way to fan out the bad and narrow down the best tools. Of course, that’s where this article comes in. 

By testing recovery software upon recovery software, Mac’s top recovery softwares was able to be narrowed down to three of the very best ones. These are the data recovery tools that are most useful, are worth the money, have lots of features, and truly blow the other data recovery softwares out of the water. These are the best of the best. By following along with this article, readers will soon be able to determine why. You’ll learn just what makes these softwares special, what their best features are, their most notable pros and cons, and many other great specifics. So without further ado, these are the top three Mac data recovery softwares of 2022. These softwares are similar, yet different. They cater to the people who use them. They are applications with assets that make them the best of the best. 

SoftwarePriceBest Feature Files it Supports Link to Download Ranking
Disk DrillBasic: Free 

Pro: $89

Enterprise: $499

RAW Photo & Video recovery; iPhone recovery All storage types and file systems are supported Disk Drill1
R-Studio Data Recovery for MacR-Studio for Mac: $71.99

R Studio for Mac Network: $161.99

R Studio Technician: $809.10

Raw File Recovery Multiple files are supported by R-Studio, like HSFX, ReFS, HFS+, FAT12, and many more. A complete list can be found here. R-Studio2
Stellar Data Recovery for MacProfessional: $79.99

Premium: $99.99

Technician: $199

RAID Recovery A lot of files and data, but mostly photos, videos, and lost/formatted data. Stellar Data Recovery3

Disk Drill

Coming in at the number one spot, and the winner of all winners when it comes to Mac data recovery is Disk Drill. Disk Drill is a data recovery program that is well-known and available for Mac products and Windows products. That app saves lost files, damaged files, and partition files. There’s nothing the Disk Drill software can’t do. 

What Makes it Special: 

Disk Drill has a lot of wonderful features that make it the easy winner. However, what really makes it special is how quick and easy it is to do a scan for lost data. With one click of a button, the app will search through all of a device’s programs to find its lost data. Within seconds, it will come back with all the missing data on a computer or hard drive. It is not a program that others have a fair fight against. In terms of speed and efficiency, Disk Drill has them all beat.

Disk Drill

Best Feature: Though Disk Drill has quite a lot of great features, its best feature is its unlimited recovery. There is no cap to how many files can be recovered. Whether a customer has the Pro plan or the Enterprise plan, they can reclaim all the files they want to reclaim. Whether they two lost files or two thousand, Disk Drill will find every single one of them. 

Other Notable Features: Some more important features associated with Disk Drill include: a deep scan and quick scan, licensing for up to 10 users based on the plan, storage for all systems, the ability to search for lost partitions, and frequent updates on the product. 

Pros: Some of the best pros for Disk Drill are:

  • Simple Interface 
  • Operates on both Windows and Mac 
  • There is filename search available 
  • It scans quickly and efficiently 
  • A file preview is included in the service 

Cons: The cons to Disk Drill are: 

  • The condition of the file is not included in the search. 
  • It’s expensive compared to other data recovery software programs. 

Other Opinions: 

Comparitech likes that the Disk Drill interface has a friendly navigation system. They think it’s easy to operate and great for new users. Disk Drill full review can be found here. 

Comparakeet thinks Disk Drill has wonderful, straight-forward features that are perfect for data recovery. Their full opinion can be found here.

Handy Recovery ranked some of Disk Drill’s features and gave them points varying from 8.5- 9.5. The website called the software “reliable” and outlined what the app does, and how to use it. Some more information from Handy Recovery can be found here.

Conclusion: When it comes to data recovery, Disk Drill has all of those bases covered. This is a system that has worked hard since 2011 to be the best data recovery program available to everyone. This application is a software that works for techies and beginners. Anyone with a lost file could– and should – use Disk Drill. 

Bottom Line: There is no better data recovery app than Disk Drill. This may seem like an opinion, but it’s a fact. Of the many people who have received Disk Drill, they all think it’s great. The price may not seem worth it, but it certainly is. Plus, with the enterprise plan a person could get Disk Drill for their whole family or business. 

R-Studio for Mac

The R-Studio computer program has a large compilation of tools for computers because it’s part of the company R-Tools Technology. One of their best tools is their Data Recovery application. Though this software recovers all kinds of data and files. The application is considered to be comprehensive, easy to use, and super helpful in returning all kinds of data. 

What Makes it Special: 

R-Studio can visually share files and what they look like. It saves files by previewing them and showing what exactly they are. When people do a scan for files on R Studio, they’ll see graphics of the file the application found. This is called scan process visualization. By seeing this, they’ll be able to determine whether or not they want to recover that data. Another great aspect of this feature is the ability to search for a file. Once the files are scanned, individuals can search for the files they want by name. R Studio doesn’t change the name of the files, so if the file is there, the customer should be able to find it.


Best Feature: R Studio has a lot of great features. However, its best feature is its raw file recovery. R Studio can be used to cover raw and heavily damaged files. Whereas other applications have problems recovering this sort of data, RStudio does it effortlessly; it’s what they specialize in. It has partition file recovery which is particularly important when it comes to damaged files. R Studio recovers this file by using its Damaged RAID Recovery feature. The application will share files that have been deleted, lost, and removed by a virus with customers. They can see every file they’ve ever had that they intentionally or purposefully got rid of. 

Other Notable Features: What else is there to say about R Studio? Some of its other great features that customers enjoy are: its support for APM, Basic, and GPT, its advanced recovery algorithms, the pro hex editor, its smart monitoring, and the wonderful file sorting system it has. 

Pros: The greatest pros of R-Studio are:

  • Simply style,
  • Its ability to recover data from all kinds of systems 
  • Raw file recovery 
  • Fast scanning and recovering 

Cons: Cons to R-Studio are: 

  • No pause button
  • No free trial

Other opinions: 

PC World calls R-Studio a “big dog tool.” They say even though it’s pricey, it’s the “gold standard” for data recovery and it’s particularly handy for those who are working on multiple platforms. The full review from PC Software can be found here. One more complete R-Studio Data Recovery software review can be found here.

Data Recovery Digest said that R-Studio Data Recovery is always showing the best results on its interface. The review commended its network data recovery and the application’s wonderful tutorials for operating the program. The rest of what Data Recovery Digest said can be found here.

Conclusion: R-Studio is the number two data recovery application for a reason. It has a bunch of great features, especially the feature that allows it to recover raw and damaged files. Though this data recovery application is not as powerful as Disk Drill, it’s more affordable. It has a bunch of different subscription plans to choose from so everyone can get the opportunity to test it out. 

Bottom Line: As great as R-Studio is, customers need to be confident in their desire in it before buying it. It may not be super pricey, but it doesn’t include a free trial. Plus, it’s best used by people who need to recover damaged files. It’s advantageous to all, yet it’s particularly advantageous to those who need to get those damaged files back. Anyone else is better off using another application that specializes in their needs. 

Stellar Data Recovery

With Stellar Data Recovery, customers can find and recover all their lost data on Mac and Windows products alike. The app is easily capable of recovering files, folders, photos, videos, audio, and so much. If it’s lost, Stellar Data Recovery will find it. Additionally, Stellar Data Recovery is able to find these files on all kinds of devices, like: USBS, SSDs, HDDs, and others. 

What Makes it Special: Stellar Data Recovery can retrieve files from any storage location on a Mac or Windows device, as well as on phones. It can recover lost data and data from crashed systems. Plus, it can save data from scratched or burned CDs and DVDs. There’s no need to worry about an old copy of Jumanji not working anymore, cause Stellar Data Recovery can retrieve the data (and the movie) easily.

Stellar Data Recovery

Best Feature: The best feature of Stellar Data Recovery is the Raid Recovery. This feature basically lets Stellar Data recover files from non booted computers. It creates a bootable USB to actually retrieve those files so they can be saved. Anything that’s lost, including emails, photos, and documents, can truly be found. The Raid tool in the Stellar Data Recovery program also can find and bring back partition files. 

Other Notable Features:

Some of Stellar Data Recovery’s other incredible and useful features include: disk imaging, optical media recovery, data recovery from encrypted drives, and the retrieval of lost email files, file preview, and smart drive monitoring and cloning. 

Pros: There are many pros to Stellar Data Recovery. Among these, there are: 

  • Friendly user software 
  • Fast Scanning 
  • Accurate Scanning
  • Preview Features 

ConsThe cons to Stellar Data Recovery are as follows: 

  • No automatic display of files and data 
  • Some of the recoverable files it lists are not recoverable
  • Slow scanning process 

Other Opinions: 

PandoraRecovery reviewed Stellar Data Recovery and gave it a 2.17 out of 5 stars, which is quite good. The review said the application is great for scanning and recovering data. The review also said that the program is worth its cost. The full review can be found here

In Techradar’s review of Stellar Data Recovery, they analyzed each and every aspect of the software from pricing to features. Their final verdict determined that it’s a “great thumbs up.” It’s a great tool for data retrieval. Read more here.

Read more reviews by checking out the site here

Conclusion: The Stellar Data Recovery application is a great tool for recovering all kinds of data. It can retrieve data from crashed systems, as well as systems that still work perfectly well. The application is multi-faceted and provides great help to all that have it. Plus, in terms of data recovery tools, it’s very affordable and includes a free trial. 

Bottom Line: When it comes to the Stellar Data Recovery software, there’s not much to complain about. That being said, there’s not much to say either. It’s a great app. It’s reliable, it’s helpful, it’s cheap, but that’s it. It doesn’t really stand out among the crowd. It’s great. Just great. That’s it. It is certainly perfect for helping people recover all the files they’ve lost, though. However, R-Studio and Disk Drill are a little bit better.

Final Conclusion

The three data recovery softwares that have been outlined in this article are the best of the best. Though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, few have something bad to say about Disk Drill, R Studio, and Stellar Data Recovery. Each app has their own unique and special features, are easy to navigate, and include a lot of great features. 

When recovering data, people need an application that is going to be reliable and help them get the job done. They need an app that can location partition files, can get files off crashed systems, and applications that offer unlimited recovery. People need a data recovery software that they can test out and get used to. It shouldn’t take an expert to use these softwares. Everyone from the most tech savvy teenager to the most clueless grandpa should be able to navigate these types of softwares. That’s something Disk Drill, R-Studio, and Stellar Data Recovery have in common; anyone can use them. 

Overall, these three data recovery programs are the ultimate programs of their kind. This could change as others incur better updates and new programs are created through the years, but as of 2020, Disk Drill, R-Studio, and Stellar Data Recovery are the best data recovery softwares that money can buy. Why look anywhere else? Use one of these applications the next time a paper is lost or a big presentation crashes before being saved.

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