There are many, many data recovery softwares for Windows products. There are programs that are slow, fast, and everything in between. There are programs that are great for file recovery, and others that recover photos very well. Of all of these applications, there are two that stand out among the rest: Disk Drill and R-Studio. 

Disk Drill is a program that was created in 2009 by CleverFiles. With Disk Drill, people can backup their files, reboot files from crashed systems, protect their data, among other features. The program is efficient and fast. It is 100% secure and scans very quickly. 

R-Studio is a great program, too. This program was created by R-Tools technology. This company has all kinds of computer softwares that can help customers recover lost and deleted data. R-Studio is special because it lets customers buy their recovered files based on five different, as opposed to one, two, or three like many other recovery softwares. 

With this article, customers will compare and contrast both applications. The applications will be discussed by comparing their categories: speed, security, pricing, best features, pros and cons, and what makes them stand out. A general overview of the applications can be seen below. 

Application PriceCompany Owned By Windows Platforms Software Version  Download Link 
Disk DrillPro – $89
Enterprise – $499
CleverfilesWindows 7+Disk Drill
R-StudioR-Studio FAT – $49.99

R-Studio NTFS – $59.99

R-Studio – $79.99

R-Studio Network – $179.99

R-Studio Technician – $899

R-Tools Technology Windows 7+8R-Studio

Disk Drill Data Recovery Software

Disk Drill is a highly competent data recovery application that has been used all over the world. It has served over 500 thousand customers and has received millions of downloads. The application is considered one of the best because it doesn’t miss everything. It has all sorts of features, it’s one of the fastest data recovery applications, and the customer service team is great. The application has more benefits than faults. However, not everything can be perfect. This is a breakdown of the Disk Drill application. It includes what it’s doing right, as well as what it can improve on.

Disk Drill
Speed: Disk Drill is actually a very fast application. The application can run at fast speeds for its quick scan, as well as its deep scan. Some deep scans can run for hours upon hours. On Disk Drill, these scans usually don’t last much longer than 40 minutes. This is entirely dependent on the computer’s files and the computer system. However, Disk Drill tends to be much faster than other applications. It’s well above average in that department. Customers are usually most impressed with the high-functioning speed of Disk Drill. 

Security: Disk Drill is considered to be 100% safe to use. The product works well to recover files and data without causing problems for the computer or its files. When testing this program, it  was tested with an antivirus software. While using the anti-virus, nothing on Disk Drill seemed to be awry. There have been no reviews complaining about the safety of Disk Drill either. If, or all its customers, no one seems to be worried about the safety of the program, it should be good to go. Plus, the software includes backup and data protection features. 


Basic – Basic is the free version of Disk Drill. This isn’t really a version of Disk Drill, but rather the free trial. With this, customers can get up to 500 mb in free data. They can also preview the files the computer scanned. Customers wondering what Disk Drill is like should look at the free version before buying the Pro version or Enterprise. 

Pro – Pro is probably the best option for Disk Drill. It’s not too expensive and it comes with most of Disk Drill’s great features. The Pro version is $89. This allows one customer to upload onto their PC. And it includes three PC activations. 

Enterprise – Enterprise is the most expensive version of Disk Drill. This is because it’s supposed to be associated with businesses and companies. With this version, customers can let 10 people use the product. Plus, it comes with unlimited activations and priority support. 

Best Features 

Unlimited Recovery – All Disk Drill programs (minus basic) come with unlimited recovery. There is no stopping the number of files a customer restores on Disk Drill. This is a feature that not every data recovery software offers. Plus, the program can download files of any size. 

Smart Disk Monitoring – The Smart Disk Monitoring feature scans the computer or device and determines how healthy it is. This helps customers prevent future problems from occurring. It’s good to have a way to recover files now, and also prevent files from being lost in the future. 

File Filtering – Customers can filter which files they are looking for. This makes finding specific files much easier. The scan speeds are faster when the software is just looking for one file. 

Data Backup – Why worry about losing data? Why not be prepared? Disk Drill will backup data. This lessens the likelihood that customers will accidentally delete it or list it later on. 

Recovery for Any Loss Scenario – No matter what the situation, Disk Drill can recover the pesky files that were lost by a crashed system, emptied recycle bin, or something else. Files can still be recovered from a crashed SD card or hard drive. 

Pros Cons 
  • Works with Windows and Mac
  • Super user-friendly interface 
  • Recovers all file types 
  • Lets customers preview the files they scanned for 
  • Free version available
  • File condition is not included in the scan results 

What Makes it Stand Out: Any ordinary user can use Disk Drill. People who have never even touched a computer would find the interface very user-friendly and easy to use. Disk Drill puts its customers first. They are always updating the application to create a more simplified way of recovering data. Anyone and everyone can use this application. That’s why it’s so popular, and why it stands out among the rest. This program is perfect for techies and people who don’t really understand how data recovery works. 

Conclusion: Disk Drill is a worthwhile application to use. It has a lot of really good features, and it’s easy to use. On top of everything else, it’s fairly affordable to get a lifetime license. The enterprise version is a bit expensive, but even that is good for multiple people. 

Bottom Line: This is a safe, speedy application to use with lots of great features. It stands out because it is easy to use. It really only has one cons that isn’t particularly bothersome. This is a near perfect data recovery software.

R-Studio Data Recovery


R-Studio is a data recovery software that’s not afraid to experiment with new ways of doing things. The program can recover all kinds of files in new and interesting ways. It recovers partition files, it scans with raw file recovery, and can find files on network disks, as well as local disks. The program is vastly underrated when it comes to data and file recovery. R-Studio has a lot of great attributes that people often gloss over. 

Speed: Unless there are problems with some of the files, R-Studio is known for having very fast speeds. The program can extract data very quickly. Scanning large files may take a while. Smaller files are much faster, and can be done fast and efficiently. The scanning is really quick. This is a great program for customers who are wanting to get small files quickly. If they need large files, however, they should use a different program.

Security: R-Studios program is super safe and reliable. Viruses would have a tough time breaking through R-Studio’s barriers. The program saves files even if a virus has attacked or the computer system has crashed. All in all, this is a fairly competent app. Customers who use it should have no problems with its safety features. 


R-Studio FAT – The product of R-Studio FAT is the cheapest product R-Studio offers. It’s only $49.99 and offers protection on FAT files and EXT files. This is a very limited version of R-Studio. 

R-Studio NTFS – The program of R-Studio NTFS is a little more expensive than R-Studio FAT at $59.99. This product offers file recovery to NTFS, ReFS, and EXT files. 

R-Studio – This is a simple version of R-Studio, but also the most popular. The price of this plan is $79.99. It covers many files including: NTFS, ReFS, EXT files, and HFS. 

R-Studio Network – R-Studio Network has all the same features as R-Studio, plus it has data recovery over network systems. It costs $179.99. 

R-Studio Technician – This R-Studio plan is the most expensive at $899. This plan includes all the features as the other plans, as well as commercial use, Ustar, and CPIO. 

R-Studio’s pricing is really good because it has multiple options. There is something for everyone. And those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a data recovery software have a couple of cheap options, as well. 

Best Features 

Damaged Raid Recovery- The damaged raid recovery is essentially a reconstructed virtual disk raid. This lets customers remake and recover the raids that already existed on their computer. This feature has automatic RAID parameter recognition. 

Pro Hex Editor- With the Pro Hex Editor, customers can preview and edit the files they hope to recover. They can rename them, edit the content, and restore those files. This product also works with NTFS file attribute editing. It’s really nice to be able to edit files before restoring them. 

Disk Imaging-  R-Studio data recovery can create image files for hard drives and hard disks. The files created with disk imaging can be split and put on different CDs and DVDs. This is a great way to save data and make sure it doesn’t get lost in the future. This makes for a great data recovery workstation. 

Emergency Version- Data recovery softwares are created for emergency situations. So why not have an emergency version of the application in case of another malfunction? This version of R-Studio goes on a USB or disk so in the event that a computer shuts down, there is backup for the R-Studio software. This is a really good idea that other software companies haven’t thought to adopt just yet. 

Smart Monitoring- Smart Monitoring stands for Self Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology. The Smart Monitoring display will appear if there seems to be any hardware health failure. This helps people stay up to date on the condition of their computer and devices. In this event, they’ll know to double back up with files and data. This is just another way to stay aware of possible deletions, and prevent them from happening. 

  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Lots of options for file searching 
  • File preview available 
  • Many extra features 
  • There’s no pause button 
  • It takes a long time for the system to recover files 

Conclusion: There’s a lot that could be said about R-Studio. The program is really good and has a lot of versatile, interesting features like emergency version and pro hex editor. The program is really wonderful because it’s really easy to use and has everything anyone could want in regards to data recovery softwares. Plus, R-Studio has a lot of buying options that make it the perfect product for people who don’t want to commit to a major program. 

Bottom Line: R-Studio is one of the better data recovery softwares. It has a great speed, solid security, amazing features, and more pros than cons. People who use this application will certainly be impressed with its many features and reliability. Customers should invest in R-Studio because it really goes the extra mile for data recovery, and for its customers. 

Final Conclusion:

Of the many data recovery softwares that exist for Windows (and Mac for that matter) there are two that seem to stand out among the rest: Disk Drill and R-Studio. In this article, we compared the two articles based on speed, security, pricing, their best features, and their pros and cons. Honestly, the two seem to act pretty similar; they are both wonderful data recovery applications. All in all, however, there has to be a winner. The winner and best data recovery software for Windows is Disk Drill.

Disk Drill has so much experience and really knows how to satisfy customers. It has great features, effective speeds for scanning and recovering, and is super safe to use. The product has very few cons. With every update it gets better and better. 

R-Studio was very close to taking the top spot, but unfortunately it’s just not as thorough as Disk Drill. It works, but it can be slow at times and it’s not as put together. Plus, Disk Drill provides more file recovery than R-Studio and at a cheaper price. 

Customers looking for data recovery software should choose Disk Drill. It really can do it all.